Episode 10: Twine and Sticks Not Included!



We’re in double digits, folks!  It’s time for episode 10 of the Vital Information for Everyday Life Podcast with your favorite best friend trio; Aunt Jessi, Uncle Jessie and Moonbeam!  Today we explore a show that Detroit kids probably know best from the CBC, but was also broadcasted on Nickelodeon in the ’90s.  Wholesome Canadian sing along show or an isolated man’s emotional cry for help?  You decide while we talk about Fred Penner’s Place!  Word Bird is dropping some “confidence” on your head and we’re ready to psychoanalyze each and every song Fred sings to his weird blue puppet friend.  Strap on your Blade Runner Roller Blades and get ready for the Frog Show!

Want to watch before you listen?  Check out the source material here: Fred Penner’s Place – “Confidence” (from 1994)

20150818 Fred Penner MM 0077.jpg
Where is he now?  Still rocking!


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Musical Excerpt Credit: Fred Penner’s Theme Song

Episode 9: The Secret (non average) World of Vital Information



Is your life painfully average?  Ever screamed into your mirror “I’m so boring!” while ferociously searching for the right outfit?  Then the Secret World of Alex Mack might be  useful viewing for you.  You see, Alex was destined for a life of inconsequence and boredom until one fateful day when she got hit by a chemical truck and developed super powers.  How did she keep her secret, especially when an evil corporation that was controlling her town was out to find her?  Find out with Moonbeam and your two favorite Jessi/ie’s on this week’s episode!



Source for discussion: The Secret World of Alex Mack – “The Accident” (aired 10/8/94)

Musical Excerpt Credit: XelonEntertainment (on behalf of 8-Bit Arcade)

Scan your hands and damn the man, it’s the episode 9 selfie!

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Episode 8: You Can Never Be Too Cool or Too Rad!



Pull out your scrunchies, nerd pie, it’s time for Clarissa to explain herself!  Is she really THAT into fashion or are her constant clothing changes really just an incontinent cry for help?  Why has she given the neighborhood peeping Tom full access to her bedroom? Just how low will she stoop to win a free car and CD player?  Oh hey, and while we’re at it, what the hell are “Flirt Squirts” and how should you best ambush your crush without consent?  Find out these mysteries and more on this episode of Vital Information for Your Everyday Life with  Uncle Jessie, Aunt Jessi, and Moonbeam.


Source for discussion: Clarissa Explains It All – “She Drives Me Crazy” (aired 2/23/92)




And it wouldn’t be great without a selfie for episode 8!


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Episode 7: Purple Grumpy & the Hundred Shrub Club


Welcome back, campers, to Camp Anawanna!  This week we travel back in time to June 10th, 1991 for episode 4 of the first season of Salute Your Shorts!  Here we meet a ragtag group of stylish 90’s kids exploring nature, playing ping pong and binge eating egg rolls.  Everything seems great until Mikey sits on Thud Mackey’s hidden brownies and becomes a dead man walking.  With a little help from his friends (and Grammy and Pop Pop), our dear “Moosh Moosh” finds a way to take on his bully.  Meanwhile, camp counselor Ug Lee’s lofty dreams of joining the Hundred Shrub Club land him instead in an oatmeal bath.  Join your favorite threesome as we explore camp life, and toy store shopping spree dreams!

hqdefault (1)


Episode 7 selfie, y’all!


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Episode 6: Better Than Bad, It’s Good!


Welcome back, friends! We are officially counting our episodes on two hands now, exciting stuff! This time around we gather to discuss everyone’s favorite deranged cat and dog duo, Ren and Sitmpy! Your beloved hosts, Moonbeam, Uncle Jessie and Aunt Jessi, travel back to February 23rd of 1992 for the season 1 finale entitled “Stimpy’s Invention” (not to be confused with the video game by the same name that follows in 1993). We kick in the door with our own take on “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy,” so hope you like kazoos and ukuleles! Of course you do, what’s not to love?! Stimpy’s got some funky gadgets to share and we’re wearing our Levi’s Loose Fit jeans. So, strap on your Happy Helmet and pull out your Log from Blammo, because there’s no time for EEDIOTS!

Disclaimer: This episode of Vital Informaiton for Your Everyday Life featured the show Ren and Stimpy. Since the recording of this show some information has been released about John Kricfalusi that we find utterly reprehensible. We at V.I.P. in no way support his behavior. We also want to acknowledge the work that was done on this series by people that aren’t douchebags or abusers. So, that being said, we hope you still enjoy the show.



And as always, we end every session with a selfie!


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Episode 5: Jakeroo and Angie Too!

Hey Dude

Yee haw and welcome back pardners!  This 5th Episode of the Vital Information for Everyday Life podcast takes you down the nostalgia trail with Hey Dude!  Join us as we randomly take a gander at Season 3, Episode 12, entitled “The Bad Seed.”  We’ll meet Angie, a vicious trouble starter, and learn valuable lessons about child trafficking at the Bar None Dude Ranch.  Anything to avoid Jakeroo’s frisbee lessons, am I right?  We’ll also examine a 1990 Encyclopedia Britannica commercial from a time before smart phones and instant information, hosted by a JTT wannabe and a disembodied god voice.  Start your horse and come along, hippy-ti-yi-ya!

Angie in one of several bib outfits, terrorizing Buddy per usual

Another episode, another selfie!

Ep 5

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Episode 4: Space, What a Trip!


Our 4th episode is out of this world, featuring the forgotten sci-fi relic Space Cases and a ’90’s commercial for Space Camp!  We start our journey with a leap back to March 2, 1996 for the pilot episode of Space Cases, Nickelodeon’s kid-friendly answer to Star Trek.  Our V.I.P. trio opens the episode with our take on the theme song and a jog down memory lane to discuss adolescent crushes and hair style life goals.  We then take a good hard look at “We Gotta Get Outta This Place!,” which introduces us to a motley crew of misfits, known as the “space cases” of Star Academy.  Led by a flat-top wearing trouble maker, the group explores an unknown ship and gets tricked into an unforeseen adventure.  There’s zany comedy, creepy phallic symbolism, and misplaced aggression – fun for the whole family!  And finally, scientists say by 2019 we’ll go to Mars…  Tune in to find out how you can prepare!spacecases

And as always, another episode selfie!


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Episode 3: Daganoid Spodie!


AngryBeavers ep 3

This better late than never third episode had some Michigan winter scheduling delays but nonetheless was finally recorded on 2/12/18, our apologies for the delay.  This time the fearsome threesome examines Angry Beavers, Season 3 – Episode 1, entitled ” What’s Eating You?” from 3/14/99.  The episode presents a grim adventure into the center of the Earth that really emphasizes the dangers “spee-lunking” while hangry and the ever present control one must conjure in order to not to eat their friends.  We also review a “Wild Magic Burst” Pop Tart commercial, also from 1999, that may or may not have ties to the Heaven’s Gate cult and address issues of white privilege.  Buckle up and enjoy!

Ep 3 Selfie logo
Aunt Jessi, Uncle Jessie, and Moonbeam (L to R)

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Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo


Your favorite gal pals examine the “Pipe Dreams” and “Tickled Pinky” episodes from Season 2, episode 2 of Rocko’s Modern Life, which aired on October 2nd 1994.  You’ll hear cautionary tales of toilet clogging and organ removal, and a commercial dissection of the “craziest taste you’ll ever put in your face!”


Another show, another selfie!

Uncle Jessie, Moonbeam and Aunt Jessi (L to R)

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