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Because “life happens” we were unable to record a new episode for release this week.  We are working on our upcoming 25th episode currently and should be back to our regularly scheduled programming for next time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Episode 24: Everglades of Neverglades!



Because even children need a boring news show in their lives, it’s time for Nick News!  Join your favorite fearsome threesome as we travel down memory lane to uncover the hot topics of 1998.  We’ll horrify you with misguided Underground Railroad reenactments, uncover a plea to save the Everglades, and explore the world of child drag racing (the kind with cars, not Queens sadly).  Just like the Capri Sun commercial we discuss at length, it’s gonna be “Liquid Cool!”




And, as always, our episodic group selfie!



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Episode 23: Land of the Lost with Samasaurus Wrexxxx



The 1991 television remake of “Land of the Lost” featured a parallel prehistoric dimension with not one, not two, but three moons! Not to be outdone, we’ve added a fourth moon to the Vital Info studios for this weeks episode. Join Moonbeam, Aunt Jessi & Uncle Jessie, and special guest Sam for a wild ride through the subconscious as we take on the episode “Dream Makers.” There’s sentient furniture, there’s baby Sasquatches named “Stink,” and you’d better believe there are stop motion dinosaurs!



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ep 23 with sam

Episode 23’s team selfie, with our special guest Sam!!!

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Episode 3: Daganoid Spodie!


AngryBeavers ep 3

This better late than never third episode had some Michigan winter scheduling delays but nonetheless was finally recorded on 2/12/18, our apologies for the delay.  This time the fearsome threesome examines Angry Beavers, Season 3 – Episode 1, entitled ” What’s Eating You?” from 3/14/99.  The episode presents a grim adventure into the center of the Earth that really emphasizes the dangers “spee-lunking” while hangry and the ever present control one must conjure in order to not to eat their friends.  We also review a “Wild Magic Burst” Pop Tart commercial, also from 1999, that may or may not have ties to the Heaven’s Gate cult and address issues of white privilege.  Buckle up and enjoy!

Ep 3 Selfie logo
Aunt Jessi, Uncle Jessie, and Moonbeam (L to R)

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Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo


Your favorite gal pals examine the “Pipe Dreams” and “Tickled Pinky” episodes from Season 2, episode 2 of Rocko’s Modern Life, which aired on October 2nd 1994.  You’ll hear cautionary tales of toilet clogging and organ removal, and a commercial dissection of the “craziest taste you’ll ever put in your face!”


Another show, another selfie!

Uncle Jessie, Moonbeam and Aunt Jessi (L to R)

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