Ep. 30: Magical Musical Tour!

30 episodes already!?  It’s been such a fun and nostalgic ride so far that we decided to pull over and celebrate #30 by peeking back at the rear-view, one theme song and diatribe at a time.  Strap in with Jessi, Jessie and Moonbeam as we take you on a magical musical voyage down the V.I.P. memory lane!

Check out our selfie slideshow, featuring images from all 29 previous recordings:

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And, as always, our episodic group selfie!

Episode 30 Selfie!

Episode 30 Selfie!

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Episode 22: Down at the Roundhouse!


Do you love sketch comedy? Large choreographed dance numbers? Songs with vague meanings? Well then look no further as your favorite team of queerdos over-analyze Nickelodeon’s half hour Hip Hop Comedy Stop, Round House!

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And as always, a production selfie of our team!


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