Ep. 29: Aaahh! Real Monsters


Remember that awkward stage in life where you’d suddenly tremble and then shed all of your skin as a milestone for growing up?  You don’t?  Uh oh, maybe you’re the last to shed and destined to be cast out NEVER TO RETURN.  You know, normal coming of age stuff…  Anywho, let the festering begin!  It’s time for some valuable life lessons on puberty and dealing with a stalker, and who better to instruct us on this vital information but a zany crew of adolescent monsters!  Grab your twin baby dolls and stay clear of any dentists, it’s time for “Aaahh!  Real Monsters” with your favorite queerdo trio!

65110126_2355919588028882_8022026880519503872_n (1)
Green dick monster?

And, as always, our episodic group selfie!

June 2019


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